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Day 3: Congress gets busy

The House Ways and Means Committee has approved $275 billion in tax cuts The House Energy and Commerce Committee late Thursday approved a $2.8 billion program that would expand broadband service into underserved areas. It also approved various programs costing an estimated $27 billion ...Read More

Day 2: Increasing transparency

Releases an executive order to overturn Bush Jr’s added secrecy of presidential records. Link to the order on whitehouse.gov Short summary: after Richard Nixon’s unpleasant presidency, Congress took steps to open up the office of the President a little bit. Records were to be ...Read More

Day 1: Off to a running start

Obama starts his first day in office like follows: Before he even leaves home he halts the military tribunal processes at Guantánamo Bay. As soon as he gets in he phones several arab leaders, namely the leaders of Egypt (Hosni Mubarak), Israel (Ehud Olmert), ...Read More