Day 33: Obama holds gala dinner that outshines Oscars

The dinner wasn’t all glamor and charisma – the President also unveiled a plan to reduce the US national debt with higher taxes on the wealtlhy, and cutting back on war spending.

Who says the glamour and the glitz is all owned and revered by the Hollywood only. The new story has it that the White House has become just about as glamorously tinseled as one could have possibly imagined. First Lady, Michelle Obama has already made her name for dressing in classy attires and always looking stunningly sophisticated.

Now the presidential together reaffirmed everyone that they are not the most charming couple around but they just know how to make their presence well-noticed and appreciated. Their recent glamour blow has been to the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. Lately, we have all seen extreme fashion disasters on the red carpet of the Golden Globes and others but when Michelle and Barrack Obama Walked their way to their guests last night, the republicans were awe-struck more than anyone else!

Story by AllVoices