Day 1: Off to a running start

Obama starts his first day in office like follows:

  • Before he even leaves home he halts the military tribunal processes at Guantánamo Bay.
  • As soon as he gets in he phones several arab leaders, namely the leaders of Egypt (Hosni Mubarak), Israel (Ehud Olmert), Jordan (King Hussein) and the palestinian Fatah party (Mahmoud Abbas).
  • He immediately froze salaries for senior White House staffers and implemented strict guidelines to prevent lobbyists from gaining influence over and positions within regulatory bodies.
  • Releases a brand new White House website complete with a blog in order to start making true of his pledge of government openness. Most of the material on the site is also now licensed freely under Creative Commons.
  • Met with top military advisers to discuss the withdrawal of all american troops from Iraq within 160 days.
  • Convening with his economy staff to boot up the stimulus package.

This surely is off to a pretty good start!