Hey, what’s going on here?

Sorry folks for all the endless white noise the last couple of weeks. Do not try to tune your screens, the fault is all ours.

Both me and Paul have been having a mighty busy and rough time that has left us having to spend our energy on other matters for a while. I do assure you, we have no plans on making this stop. The most likely path is that we will start posting but with a rather slower speed, a couple of posts a week or so.

We have received all your emails and thank you for your warm hearted support, and realise this site actually means a lot to you guys. So I’ll make it a priority to get it back on track asap.

And if you want to help us out, just let me know. Requirements: Really good writing skills, political interest and time enough to post at least one interesting post a week. Just use the spiffy contact us-link!

Again, sorry, but no worries. WIOD isn’t going anywhere.