OK, you win!

As (shockingly) many of you know, WIOD has been on a involuntary hiatus for a while. This due to various issues in meatspace for everyone involved which has forced us to prioritize the available time we have.

But even after the first few days something happened that I’ve never really experienced before on a blog project, or really in general – and I’ve been working with the web as an occupation for quite a number of years; people from all over started emailing and wondering what’s going on, urging us to continue and after a few weeks more or less begged us to give WIOD some love asap.

And I’m not talking solitary incidents, and I had no idea how appreciated this site is for so many people. Sure, we’ve got some statistics that says we’ve got a decent amount of visitors but still – the fervor! I am very flattered, and am sure Paul is as well.

Your support has not fallen on deaf ears, my friends. And as it happens, times are getting easier and there is now enough of it to keep track of Barack once more! So feedback really works,  please keep it coming. Every little comment makes that post just so much more worth the effort.

As the first intense period (the classic 100 days) has passed, we will discontinue the “Day: x”-format and instead collect the interesting news and updates into a couple of weekly posts.

Again, thanks for your support. /Niklas