A day of reckoning: Obama announces to the world the death of Osama Bin Laden

It’s a powerful speech the nation has been waiting for, for almost a decade. Say what you want about the war in Afghanistan, Obamas backing down on his promise to end it and pull home the troops, but this surely solidifies his previously vocal ambition to shift focus on intelligence instead of brute force as a win. Not just for the administration but for the world at large.

It might not make a huge impact on the actual terrorist activities around the world, or make a real dent in Al Qaeda cells – but emotionally and figuratively this signifies a real, tangible victory desperately needed in this “war on terror” charade that will strengthen the hope that progress is made. And that is truly needed right now, as allies and the international community have been waivering for a long time and beginning to question the validity of an endless manhunt.

But I’ll wait with the dissection of the politics a bit, and just savor this rare day when one can feel that some justice and main goal of this horrible war has been served. Conservatives and liberals alike should put aside their differences for just this day and applaud the efforts of the President and the administration.