How History Shapes Romney and Obama

Romney and Obama are Shaped by History

With the upcoming election looming, people want to know how history has shaped the candidates. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama respect the history of our nation although they each have their own perception of what the nations founders wanted for our future.

Romney and Obama

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney for example, knows that our nation was founded on strength, innovation and creativity. He feels that our strength will guide us into any battle that may arise with other nations as well as homegrown terrorists. He also feels that history has shaped us to become more creative and innovative. This innovation helps to create new technologies and new businesses which also creates more jobs and less people on welfare. He wants our nation to be empowered by a population that strives for financial independence and responsibility. He also feels that history shows that we should not be told how to live by our government, that we should embrace our freedoms that the nation was founded on.

Barack Obama

President Obama has some of the same views but a different perception of how they should be enforced. While he wants us to be strong and financially independent, he also feels that the government should help the citizens of the nation as they need it through bailout programs for large corporations and welfare programs for the underprivileged. He also views the strength of our nation as having tolerance for others; while he feels we should fight if we need to, we should not start wars with other nations unless we are provoked and threatened.

The other part where both these candidates disagree is the nations healthcare plan. Under President Obama, everyone will have healthcare coverage; something that everybody needs but is not offered to all. While this sounds great, Mitt Romney feels that we should not be told what we must have and he sees it as a threat to our freedoms. Some also say that this healthcare system will prevent companies from creating new jobs since the plan will cost employers hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs although it will also promote a much healthier population. This is one area where both candidates argue about what the nations founders had in mind when they created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Both Candidates

Both candidates feel that our founders want a nation where the population is safe, healthy and happy, just as parents want for their own children. They agree on the basics, like the Civil War and the Revolutionary war timeline but other fundamentals like how we should govern our nation have made them two very different but both very capable candidates for the highest office. They want people to be independent and not rely on the government to provide for them; something else that our nations history was founded on. The simple fact is that they each have a different understanding and perception of what history has told us about the nation and about the principles the nation was founded on.

This is something that we go through every four years. All our candidates want is what is best for our nation and to preserve their perception of our history and what the founders wanted. While they know we want freedoms and financial independence, they also know that they both have very different understandings of how to come about this. One thinks that our nation needs large corporations to be bailed out when they become financially distressed while the other feels that the government needs to eliminate debt created by these bailouts. Both want what is best and they both want to preserve our history, they both just have different opinions in how to get there.