Obamacare Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of The Affordable Care Act – Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, will come into effect in 2014. This is the signature achievement of the Obama administration during their first term.  Some people are happy about the new health reform while others are totally against it. In a nutshell, Obamacare is a reform on the current health care insurance practices that are currently taking place in the United States, and the act will force every citizen to have health insurance, but it will also make it more affordable.


So what are the pros and cons to Obamacare?

Pro: Every American will now have health insurance.

As it stands, there are over 30 million Americans that currently do not have health insurance, and this not only makes it difficult to receive health care, but it also makes it very expensive. With Obamacare, every citizen will have access to health care, significantly cutting this number down.

Con: It’s a government program.

The Act will require that anyone who is eligible for Medicaid to take it, and if they’re not eligible for Medicaid, they need to take the other health care option. The problem is that this makes health insurance another government program, and this has some people upset.

Pro: Students can stay covered on their parents’ insurance.

Right now, most insurance programs kick children off when they reach 18 or 21, and this forces college students to find their own insurance. Since most students are not yet working full time, they don’t have the option to join their employer’s insurance. With Obamacare, any enrolled student will be able to stay on their parents’ insurance until the age of 26.

Con: Taxes are going to increase.

The Affordable Care Act is a government program, which means that ultimately, the people will end up paying for it. Because of this, taxes are going to raise, especially among those who are considered high income. And since taxes are always on the rise, this is something that doesn’t make many people very happy.

Pro: There should be insurance exchanges.

People will no longer have to struggle to find the best health insurance deals. Instead, insurance exchanges are supposed to be set up so that everyone can peruse all of their coverage options and choose the plan that’s best and most affordable to them.

Con: States’ Rights are being violated.

Every state is going to be forced into accepting Obamacare, and since it’s a federally-mandated program, State’s Rights are being violated.

Pro: Everyone is covered.

Many people have trouble finding insurance if they have pre-existing conditions, and some people are even dropped from their insurance providers if they are diagnosed with a chronic illness. With Obamacare, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny someone coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and they’ll no longer be able to drop individuals when they become sick.

Con: Some people may lose their employer health insurance.

Companies that have 50 or more employees are still required to offer health insurance, however, some companies may realize that the penalties and fines for not offering insurance will be significantly less than the cost of insuring their employees. Because of this, many companies may opt not to offer health insurance and instead have their employees find their own insurance.