Day 3: Congress gets busy

  • The House Ways and Means Committee has approved $275 billion in tax cuts
  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee late Thursday approved a $2.8 billion program that would expand broadband service into underserved areas.
  • It also approved various programs costing an estimated $27 billion to promote energy efficiency.
  • On a key vote Democrats preserved a tax break for this year and 2010 that would mean $500 for many workers and $1,000 for millions of couples, including those whose earnings are so low that they pay no federal income tax. They also voted down a Republican effort to eliminate a health insurance subsidy for laid-off workers.

We need to be dealing with people at the bottom of the income scale,” said Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash. He also noted that the legislation would provide a $25-per-week increase in unemployment benefits.

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