Day 28: Obama seeks delay of Rove deposition

Karl Rove, known as “Bush’s Brain“, has avoided having to testify for years. Most recently, on January 16th, four days before the inauguration, Bush’s lawyers advised Rove to ignore congressional subpoenas.  In other words: The outgoing administration gave itself permission to exempt one of its members from investigation. (Yes, you read that right. That dull banging you hear is the sound of every constitutional scholar in academia whacking h/er head on the walls.)

Contrast this with the experience of most citizens, where ignoring a subpoena earns a visit from the local sheriff and a long stay in one of America’s many fine prisons.

So the move to delay Rove’s deposition is not being met with smiles – unless your name rhymes with “Laurel Grove”.

Former Bush Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove has a new president urging Congress not to force him to testify next week.

President Barack Obama.

In a court brief quietly filed Monday, Michael Hertz, Obama’s acting assistant attorney general, said it was necessary to delay an effort to force Rove to be deposed in a congressional investigation into the firing of nine US Attorneys and the alleged political prosecution of a former Alabama governor.

Hertz said an effort was underway to find a “compromise” for Rove, and requested two weeks to broker a deal before proceeding in court.

Story by Raw Story