Obama Achievements and Accomplishments So Far as President of USA

The Obama Administration Prevented a Major Financial Depression

barack-obama-accomplishmentsPresident Obama should be commended for preventing a major Depression, keeping our financial system from collapsing as it did in the Great Depression of the 1930′s.  Every bank would have failed, all savings would have been wiped out–the Stock Market would have tanked, and we would have been bankrupt, leaving us vulnerable to our enemies.  It would have been a crisis much worse than that of the Asian crisis in the late 90′s.  We can thank our government for taking fast action.  Yes, some mistakes were made and, in hindsight, some would have done things differently but in a crisis action needs to be taken quickly.  President Obama is not interested in a government takeover; he’s a capitalist.  He is a product of our system.  He has done a lot of the things that FDR did to recover during the Depression of the 1930s. Those companies that we have loaned money to have to pay it back when they are solvent, and many have already done so. We are even making interest on the money.  He is not a Socialist or a Marxist but an American who inherited a terrible situation from his predecessor.

Obama is pushing for regulations to keep Wall Street and the banks in check so we will not have a repeat of this disaster.  The past administration looked the other way while Wall Street and the financial institutions stole us blind. Regulations that were in place after the crash of 1929 were systematically dismantled with every Republican president since Ronald Reagan. The Bush administration started out with a budget surplus, got us in two wars and a financial meltdown, with tax cuts to the rich, while our manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas, and the middle class was diminished.

Achieved Health Care Reform

Obama has reformed health care and yes, it’s constitutional.  The national healthcare reform is not perfect and republicans and the health insurance companies did all they could to ruin the legislation before it finally passed.  But, we’ve been attempting health care reform for over 50 years and finally have achieved some form of it.  It will need to be expanded and tweaked, but it is now here to stay.  Insurance premiums have escalated while insurance companies ration the amount of money they will pay out for care.  One bout of cancer and homes, saving, and retirement pensions have been lost.  Obama simply believes that this is wrong in the richest country of the western world.  The Republicans have tagged it ObamaCare which will soon become a source of regret as it will become a program as indispensable to the average American as Social Security.

International Affairs

He has helped to reestablish American prestige and credibility in international affairs that was so grievously damaged during Bush era.  He is willing to talk to our enemies as well as our friends and to do so with both intelligence and eloquence. This has not failed to make an impression around the world.  He voted against the war in Iraq, and oversaw the winding down of our operations there.  While our involvement in Afghanistan remains somewhat of a debacle, he is trying to withdraw our troops from there as well while making an honest effort to support the current Karzai regime put in place by the Bush administration since that is the only credible existing counter to withstand Taliban control.

An Intelligent Leader

He is intelligent, calm, cool and collected, with manners, and speaks eloquently, being one of the best orators we have had in a President.  That should give all Americans a sense of renewed pride in the leader of our country.

Support for Minority

He has given our black citizens and other minorities hope that they finally are a part of this country and that the American dream is accessible to all.

No other president has incurred such disrespect.  He has been called a Muslim, Hitler, a Socialist and a Communist, attacked by the Birthers who make patently false accusations of not being a citizen, Tea Parties, a member of Congress calling him a liar during a presidential speech and most recently John Sununu telling him that he needs to “learn how to be an American.” An unspoken part of this behavior is racism.  Is it coincidental that the criticism that is most harsh comes from the Republican South?  At one point, the state of Texas literally threatened to secede.  The political climate of this country is more divisive than ever before.  We are in difficult times, and this is the first time we have had a black president.  Many people are frightened and suspicious of change and are using the cry of Socialist and Marxist to camouflage racism.  People like Russ Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck of Fox News throw gasoline on the fires of discontent and racism in the name of free speech.  It’s time to acknowledge this and show that the people of this country are better than that.

When we work together as Americans we can achieve momentous things.  It’s time for the Republican party to start behaving like the patriots they once were.  If you don’t like the president’s policies, then work with him, and suggest some of your own but the party of Lincoln has been stonewalling, obstructing and delaying in an effort to defeat Obama’s presidency.  When you do that, you are sinking the country as well. It’s time for the moderate Republicans to stand up and take back their party from the right-wing.  After eight years of a disastrous Republican administration leaving the country in a mess, they should step up and contribute their talents to help set things right again.   They have a long way to go to prove that they deserve to be elected to the White House again.  They could start right now.